Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Second Term Basic Electricity Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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SS1 Second Term Basic Electricity Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Second Term: Week 1-2 – Capacitance and Inductance


Objective: Introduce students to capacitance and inductance in electrical circuits.


Week 1 Activities:


Define capacitance and its units.

Explore the concept of a capacitor.

Calculate capacitance in simple circuits.

Week 2 Activities:


Introduce inductance and its units.

Understand the behavior of inductors.

Conduct experiments on inductive reactance.

Week 3-4: Alternating Current (AC) Circuits Analysis


Objective: Analyze and solve problems related to AC circuits.


Week 3 Activities:


Review AC circuit components.

Solve problems involving AC circuits.

Discuss resonance in AC circuits.

Week 4 Activities:


Explore phasors and phasor diagrams.

Analyze RLC circuits.

Hands-on activity: Building and analyzing an AC circuit.

Week 5-6: Semiconductor Devices


Objective: Understand the principles of semiconductor devices.


Week 5 Activities:


Introduce semiconductors and their properties.

Explore diodes and their applications.

Demonstrate diode characteristics.

Week 6 Activities:


Discuss transistors and their types.

Explore transistor amplification.

Conduct experiments with transistor circuits.

Week 7-8: Digital Electronics


Objective: Introduce the basics of digital electronics.


Week 7 Activities:


Define digital signals and binary code.

Explore logic gates.

Construct simple digital circuits.

Week 8 Activities:


Discuss digital storage devices.

Explore flip-flops and registers.

Hands-on project: Building a basic digital circuit.

Week 9-10: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


Objective: Discuss energy-efficient practices and introduce renewable energy sources.


Week 9 Activities:


Explore energy-efficient appliances.

Discuss the importance of energy conservation.

Introduce renewable energy sources.

Week 10 Activities:


Analyze the benefits of renewable energy.

Conduct projects on renewable energy applications.

Guest speaker session on sustainable energy practices.

Week 11: Revision Week (Recap of First and Second Terms)


Objective: Review and reinforce key concepts from both terms.


Week 11 Activities:

Comprehensive review of first and second term topics.

Practice quizzes and group discussions.

Clarify doubts and address concerns.

The journey through Basic Electricity in SS1’s second term promises to be both enlightening and dynamic. With a focus on advanced concepts, practical applications, and sustainable energy practices, students are poised to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the electrifying world around them. May this term illuminate new pathways of knowledge and curiosity, sparking a lifelong interest in the principles that power our modern world.

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