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Six (6) Things to Know About Dubai Work Visa 2023.

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Here are the important six (6) Things to Know About Dubai Work Visa so as to help you make the right decision and to also help you know your rights as a foreigner while working abroad.

Introduction Six (6) Things to Know About Dubai Work Visa

Firstly, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a conglomerate of seven emirates, and Dubai is one the seven emirates. There are no specific visas for each emirate, except in specific circumstances that are utterly related to the Work visa. The Dubai visa is also a UAE visa.

The UAE visa application forms can be downloaded from authorized visa agents and it is completely free of charge.

Below are some of the things you to know about working in the UAE.

1. Regular Payment-six (6) Things to Know About Dubai

Remunerations are paid at the worksite and on working days, and the payment must be made in the national currency of the state. It is prohibited for employers to force employees to purchase their products. And also, workers are not required to buy food or other items from the products of the owner of certain stores.

2. No Employer Shall Deny an Employee Maternity Leave

In Federal law No. 8, Article No. 30 of the UAE Labour Law states as follows: “A female worker is entitled to maternity leave and with full-payment for an extended period of 45 days, which also include the period preceding and following her confinement, on a condition that the worker has been working for the employer for a period not less than one year.

However, if her period of service is less than one year, she shall be entitled to maternity leave but with half-pay

3. Annual Leave is a Right-six (6) Things to Know About Dubai

All workers in the UAE are entitled to leave on a public holiday, and you will be entitled to full payment on the following occasions.

  • New Year celebration: One-day leave
  • Islamic New Year: One-day leave
  • Eid al Fitr: Two-days leave
  • Eid al Adha and Arafat Day: Four-days leave
  • National day: Two-days leave
  • Commemoration Day: One-day leave

As a worker in the UAE, you are entitled to an annual leave every year of service no less than the following period.

Two days monthly, should the service period be of 6 months at least or 1 year at most, or one month annually should the service period exceed one year. Should the worker service be terminated, the worker will be entitled to an annual leave for the fraction of the previous year.

4. Employers Bear the Cost of Residency Visa

According to stipulated UAE laws, employers must bear visa expenses.
An employee is not required to pay back visa expenses to employers at any time.

Regardless of why and how your contract is terminated, Visa sponsorship and cost are the sole responsibility of the employer; you are not liable to pay for this.

It is illegal and punishable by law for employers to ask for installment-based deductions for visa costs.

5. 8 To 9 Hours Daily is the Standard Working Hours

The maximum number of ordinary working hours daily is 8 hours, or forty-eight hours weekly.

The number of working hours may be increased to 9 hours daily for employees working in hotels, trades, cafeterias, security and other jobs whose addition may be made by virtue of the Minister of Labour decision.

Additionally, for strenuous and harmful works the working hours may be reduced by virtue of the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs decision.

During Ramadan, the ordinary working hour shall be reduced by 2 hours. The period of commutation spent by workers from their place of residence to the worksite shall not be calculated within the working hours.

6. Employers in Dubai Are Not Allowed to Keep Your Passport

You are not required by law to hand over your passport to your employer to keep in their custody without written consent from you.

Additionally, an employer cannot fire an employee for not surrendering their passport


I know that working abroad have been a nightmare and dream to many people especially those from under-developed countries like Africa, Asians and Middle East but this six (6) Things to Know About Dubai is your time to try your best for a better future and to help make the world a better place.

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