Scholarships and Grant at Ohio State for Graduate Students

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Scholarships and grant at Ohio state for graduate students is presented to everyone from around the globe willing to get a scholarship grants in the United States of America.

Introduction to Scholarships and grant at Ohio state

As we have always done, we keep showering you with offers and opportunities in order to get the best in life especially in your educational career.

Today we are presenting to you a life changing opportunity that will change your life forever but only if you eventually get the offer in the end. There are lots of scholarships and grants for both undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to be able to make a good academic career. But this one seems different and you might stand a chance of being selected for this great offer in the end so as to rewrite your life story as they are any benefits entitled to this offer.

Now let’s dive into the main business for today which I want to let you know that the Ohio State University through the Offices of International Affairs, Research, Student Academic Success and the Global Gateways are sponsoring a grant competition for international students. Proposals are sought for a wide range of research and scholarship projects to be conducted at the University for the 2022/2023 academic session.

This offer is specifically for all the international graduate students who are willing to take part to be able to make a good academic career in the end. This might also interest you to know that it is basically for African students and students in the middle east and probably Asians.

General Overview on Scholarships and grant at Ohio state

Also, this scholarships and grant for graduate students is being sponsored by Ohio State University for international graduate students from around the world. Moreover, the scholarships and grant type are known as Tuition award, which means that it covers all the tuition fee for any student that gets the offer till graduation.

The institution responsible for hosting these scholarships and grant is no other institution than Ohio State University, USA. This scholarship and grant worth is up to $5,000, fair enough, right? Indeed, it’s nice and fair and that is the major reason why you should try as much as possible to get this golden opportunity.

Thus, the number of Awards included in this offer is Several, meaning that it can contain as much people as possible as long as you met all the necessary requirements for the offer. You also have to note that the study level for this scholarships and grant offer is basically for postgraduate students or graduate students as some people may life to refer to it. Hence, as I earlier stated about the people that will be taken for this offer, I will make it clear here that it is specifically for International Students from outside the United States of America.

Eligibility and criteria for the Scholarships and grant

To be considered for the Ohio State University Grants and Scholarships, interested applicants are to meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be international students applying for a graduate study course at the University.
  • Applicants must have good grades in relevant courses at a recognized institution of higher learning.
  • Applicants must demonstrate excellent academic and research abilities.
  • Applicants must demonstrate English language proficiency.
  • Applicants must commit to full-time study at the University.

Method or processes of Application

Interested applicants for the scholarships and grant at Ohio state for graduate students are expected to complete an online application before the application deadline. Applicants must submit proposal and application materials to include the title of project without the name of applicant(s) to include the following elements:

  • Abstract not exceeding 300 words.
  • Narrative not exceeding five pages, double spaced, 12 pt. (excluding references).
  • Budget – including cost sharing, departmental stipend, or other course development resources.
  • A short resume, not to exceed one page.
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor.

All the interested applicants or students are to carry out their application using the link provided below or click here to access the school scholarship and grant official website to fill and submit your scholarship application.


You are required and expected to read through the line of the body of this post to be sure of the best way to carry out your application, you are also expected to carry out this scholarships and grant application only when you are sure to meet all the necessary requirements.

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