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Michael And Cecilia Ibru University Cut-Off Mark

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Michael and Cecilia Ibru University (MCIU) is a renowned private university situated in Agbara, Ogun State, Nigeria. Established in 2015 by the prominent Nigerian Ibru family, the university offers diverse undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as arts, sciences, and business.

Admission Cut-Off Mark:

For aspiring students aiming to join MCIU, understanding the admission cut-off mark is essential. The cut-off mark refers to the minimum score required in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination to be eligible for admission consideration. While this mark varies based on the chosen course, a general guideline is that most courses require a minimum JAMB score of 140.

Factors Influencing Cut-Off Marks:

Several factors contribute to the determination of cut-off marks for specific courses at MCIU. These factors include:

  1. Course Popularity: Courses with higher demand tend to have elevated cut-off marks as more students compete for limited spaces.
  2. Space Availability: If a particular course has limited slots available, the cut-off mark may be set higher to ensure the best candidates are selected.
  3. Applicants’ Academic Performance: When applicants exhibit a higher level of academic excellence, the cut-off mark might be raised to admit the most capable students.

Checking Your Cut-Off Mark:

To find out your specific cut-off mark for MCIU, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the University’s Website: MCIU’s official website provides comprehensive information about admission requirements, including cut-off marks for various courses.
  2. Contact the Admissions Office: Reach out to MCIU’s admissions office via email or phone to inquire about the cut-off mark for your desired course.

FAQs About MCIU Cut-Off Marks:

Here are some common questions about MCIU’s admission cut-off marks:

Q: What is the cut-off mark for MCIU?

A: While it varies by course, most programs require a JAMB score of at least 140 for admission consideration.

Q: How can I check my cut-off mark for MCIU?

A: You can find your cut-off mark by visiting MCIU’s official website or by contacting the admissions office directly.

Q: What factors affect course-specific cut-off marks at MCIU?

A: Factors like course popularity, space availability, and applicants’ academic performance contribute to determining cut-off marks for individual courses.

Q: When will the 2023/2024 cut-off marks be released?

A: The cut-off marks for the upcoming academic session will be announced after the release of the JAMB results.


Understanding the admission cut-off mark is crucial for aspiring students aiming to join Michael and Cecilia Ibru University. While the specific cut-off mark varies according to the chosen course, a general guideline is a minimum JAMB score of 140. By exploring the university’s official website or reaching out to the admissions office, prospective students can easily access the necessary information to help them in their pursuit of higher education at MCIU.

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