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List of Private Polytechnics in Nigeria [Full Accreditation]

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In Nigeria, tertiary education is offered by various institutions, including polytechnics. While most polytechnics are government-owned, there are also privately-owned and controlled polytechnics that provide quality education and training. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of private polytechnics in Nigeria accredited by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

  1. Al-Hikma Polytechnic Karu: Located in Nasarawa State, Al-Hikma Polytechnic Karu offers National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programs. Contact:
  2. Allover Central Polytechnic, Sango Ota: Situated in Ogun State, Allover Central Polytechnic provides various technical education programs. Contact:
  3. Ajayi Polytechnic, Ikere Ekiti: Ajayi Polytechnic, in Ekiti State, offers practical-oriented courses for students.
  4. Ashi Polytechnic, Anyiin: Located in Benue State, Ashi Polytechnic provides technical education to Nigerian students. Contact:
  5. Best Solution Polytechnic, Akure: Best Solution Polytechnic in Ondo State offers courses aimed at equipping students with practical skills. Contact:
  6. Bellarks Polytechnic: Situated in Delta State, Bellarks Polytechnic focuses on technical education and hands-on training. Contact:
  7. Bolmor Polytechnic, Ibadan: Bolmor Polytechnic, located in Oyo State, aims to provide quality education and skill development. Contact:
  8. Calvary Polytechnic, Owa-Oyibu: Calvary Polytechnic in Delta State offers various diploma programs.
  9. Citi Polytechnic, Abuja: Located in the FCT Abuja, Citi Polytechnic provides technical education to students. Contact:
  10. Coastal Polytechnic Apapa: Situated in Lagos State, Coastal Polytechnic focuses on technical and vocational training. Contact:


These private polytechnics in Nigeria offer diverse technical education and training programs to Nigerian students. Whether you are interested in pursuing a National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND), these institutions provide quality education to equip you with practical skills for the workforce.

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