Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss3 Third Term CRS Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss3 Third Term CRS Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS3 – Third Term CRS Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Review of Previous Terms and Introduction to Third Term

Lesson: Brief recap of the key concepts from the previous terms and overview of the third term

Activity: Brainstorming session on connecting the dots between terms

Week 2: The Early Church Fathers

Lesson: Studying influential figures in the early development of Christian theology

Activity: Creating a timeline and biographies of prominent early church fathers

Week 3: The Council of Nicea and Nicene Creed

Lesson: Examining the Council of Nicea and the formulation of the Nicene Creed

Activity: Group discussions on the theological significance of the Nicene Creed

Week 4: Christianity and Science

Lesson: Exploring the historical relationship between Christianity and scientific advancements

Activity: Debates on the compatibility of faith and science

Week 5: Christian Worship and Sacraments

Lesson: Understanding the significance of worship practices and sacraments in Christianity

Activity: Simulating a worship service and discussing the symbolism of sacraments

Week 6: Ecumenism and Interfaith Dialogue

Lesson: Discussing efforts towards Christian unity and dialogue with other faiths

Activity: Role-playing scenarios of interfaith conversations

Week 7: Social Justice in Christianity

Lesson: Examining Christian perspectives on social justice issues

Activity: Group projects on addressing a social justice concern from a Christian standpoint

Week 8: Christian Pilgrimages and Holy Sites

Lesson: Learning about significant Christian pilgrimage sites and their importance

Activity: Creating virtual tours or presentations on a chosen pilgrimage site

Week 9: The End Times and Eschatology

Lesson: Exploring Christian beliefs about the end times and the concept of eschatology

Activity: Class discussions on individual interpretations and perspectives

Week 10: Personal Reflection and Testimonies

Lesson: Encouraging students to reflect on their personal faith journeys

Activity: Writing and sharing personal testimonies of faith

Week 11: Revision Week

Lesson: Reviewing key topics covered during the term

Activity: Quizzes, group discussions, and peer teaching sessions

Week 12: Examination Week

Lesson: Preparing students for the upcoming examination

Activity: Mock exams and practice questions

Week 13: School Dismissal Week

Lesson: Final reflections on the entire academic year

Activity: Class celebration and sharing highlights from the entire CRS curriculum

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