Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

Jss2 First Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss2 First Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


JSS2 First Term Creative Arts Lesson Note and Scheme of Work


Week 1: Introduction to Creative Arts


Lesson Note: Understanding the basics of Creative Arts.

Scheme of Work: Introduction to various art forms – visual arts, music, drama.

Activities: Group discussion on the significance of creative arts in society, showcasing different art forms.

Week 2: Visual Arts Exploration


Lesson Note: Basics of drawing and sketching.

Scheme of Work: Introduce students to basic drawing tools and techniques.

Activities: Hands-on drawing exercises, peer review, and discussion on famous artists.

Week 3: Music Appreciation


Lesson Note: Introduction to musical elements.

Scheme of Work: Explore rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Activities: Listening sessions, creating simple musical rhythms using everyday objects.

Week 4: Drama and Acting


Lesson Note: Understanding the fundamentals of drama.

Scheme of Work: Basics of script reading and character portrayal.

Activities: Group skits, role-playing, and improvisation exercises.

Week 5: Sculpture and 3D Art


Lesson Note: Introduction to sculpture.

Scheme of Work: Working with clay and other 3D materials.

Activities: Creating small sculptures, discussing famous sculptors and their works.

Week 6: Music Instrumental Exploration


Lesson Note: Introduction to musical instruments.

Scheme of Work: Explore different musical instruments and their sounds.

Activities: Group activities to create simple rhythms using various instruments.

Week 7: Creative Writing


Lesson Note: Basics of creative writing.

Scheme of Work: Introduction to storytelling and poetry.

Activities: Writing short stories, poems, and sharing them with the class.

Week 8: Dance and Movement


Lesson Note: Introduction to dance forms.

Scheme of Work: Basics of choreography and dance techniques.

Activities: Group dance performances, learning simple dance routines.

Week 9: Art Exhibition Preparation


Lesson Note: Planning and organizing an art exhibition.

Scheme of Work: Curating the students’ artworks.

Activities: Setting up art displays, discussing the importance of sharing artistic creations.

Week 10: Drama Production


Lesson Note: Group project – creating a short play.

Scheme of Work: Scriptwriting, rehearsals, and staging.

Activities: Finalizing scripts, practicing scenes, and performing the play.

Week 11: Music Composition


Lesson Note: Introduction to music composition.

Scheme of Work: Basics of creating melodies and harmonies.

Activities: Composing short musical pieces individually or in groups.

Week 12: Review and Reflection


Lesson Note: Reflecting on the term’s learning.

Scheme of Work: Group discussions on what students enjoyed and learned.

Activities: Creating a collective reflection on the term’s creative arts journey.

Week 13: Culmination and Celebration


Lesson Note: Showcase and celebrate the students’ achievements.

Scheme of Work: Final presentations and acknowledgment of effort.

Activities: Art exhibition, music performance, drama showcase, and recognition ceremony.

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