Past Questions and Answers

Fine Arts Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

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Fine Arts Waec Past Questions And Answers (Objective and Theory)

20 Fine Arts WAEC Questions to get you prepared for your examination.


Multiple Choice Section:


Question: Who is considered the pioneer of abstract art?


a) Leonardo da Vinci

b) Pablo Picasso

c) Vincent van Gogh

d) Michelangelo

Answer: b) Pablo Picasso

Question: In the realm of sculpture, what material is Michelangelo’s famous statue “David” crafted from?


a) Marble

b) Bronze

c) Wood

d) Granite

Answer: a) Marble

Question: Which art movement emerged in the 20th century, focusing on irrational and spontaneous creations?


a) Surrealism

b) Cubism

c) Impressionism

d) Realism

Answer: a) Surrealism

Question: Who painted the iconic work “Starry Night”?


a) Claude Monet

b) Salvador Dalí

c) Vincent van Gogh

d) Edvard Munch

Answer: c) Vincent van Gogh

Question: What is the primary medium used in watercolor painting?


a) Oil

b) Acrylic

c) Watercolor

d) Tempera

Answer: c) Watercolor

Question: The technique of chiaroscuro is commonly associated with which artistic period?


a) Renaissance

b) Baroque

c) Rococo

d) Neoclassicism

Answer: a) Renaissance

Question: Which artist is known for his mobile sculptures that move with the wind?


a) Alexander Calder

b) Henry Moore

c) Alberto Giacometti

d) Constantin Brâncuși

Answer: a) Alexander Calder

Question: What artistic style is characterized by exaggerated motion and expressive colors?


a) Pointillism

b) Fauvism

c) Minimalism

d) Abstract Expressionism

Answer: b) Fauvism

Question: The Taj Mahal is an example of which architectural style?


a) Gothic

b) Baroque

c) Mughal

d) Romanesque

Answer: c) Mughal

Question: Who is renowned for his installation art, including “The Gates” in Central Park?


a) Yayoi Kusama

b) Christo and Jeanne-Claude

c) Jeff Koons

d) Damien Hirst

Answer: b) Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Theory Section:


Question: Explain the concept of “negative space” in visual arts.


Question: Discuss the significance of the Renaissance period in the evolution of fine arts.


Question: How does the use of color contribute to the emotional impact of an artwork?


Question: Elaborate on the characteristics and techniques of pointillism in painting.


Question: Analyze the role of women in the history of fine arts, citing notable female artists and their contributions.

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