Secondary School Lesson Notes and Scheme of Work

SS1 Second Term Metal Work Past Questions and Answers (Objective and Theory)

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SS1 Second Term Metal Work Past Questions and Answers (Objective and Theory)


Senior Secondary School 1 (SS1) second term Metal Work, along with options and answers. I’ve also included 5 more theory questions for Section B:


Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions (Second Term)

Question: Which process involves the removal of scale, rust, and contaminants from metal surfaces?


A) Annealing

B) Pickling

C) Tempering

D) Quenching

Answer: B

Question: The term “galvanization” refers to:


A) Coating with zinc

B) Coating with aluminum

C) Coating with copper

D) Coating with brass

Answer: A

Question: What is the purpose of a center punch in metalwork?


A) Marking out circles

B) Creating holes

C) Starting drill holes

D) Shaping metal

Answer: C

Question: Which metalwork tool is used for cutting internal threads in a hole?


A) Tap wrench

B) Die stock

C) Hacksaw

D) Chisel

Answer: A

Question: In welding, the term “MIG” stands for:


A) Metal Inert Gas

B) Manual Inert Gas

C) Molten Inert Gas

D) Malleable Inert Gas

Answer: A

Question: The process of metalworking that involves deforming metal by applying compressive force is called:


A) Bending

B) Cutting

C) Forging

D) Casting

Answer: C

Question: What safety equipment is essential when using oxy-acetylene equipment?


A) Safety gloves

B) Safety goggles

C) Hearing protection

D) All of the above

Answer: D

Question: Which of the following is a type of non-destructive testing method used to check welds for defects?


A) Ultrasonic testing

B) Magnetic testing

C) Penetrant testing

D) Radiographic testing

Answer: A

Question: What is the primary purpose of a deburring tool in metalwork?


A) Smoothing edges

B) Creating holes

C) Cutting curves

D) Welding joints

Answer: A

Question: The process of joining metals by heating and melting a filler material is known as:


A) Soldering

B) Brazing

C) Welding

D) Riveting

Answer: B

Question: Which metal is commonly used for making springs due to its elasticity?


A) Aluminum

B) Copper

C) Steel

D) Brass

Answer: C

Question: The tool used for measuring internal and external diameters accurately is called a:


A) Vernier caliper

B) Micrometer

C) Ruler

D) Protractor

Answer: B

Question: The process of coating metal with a thin layer of zinc to prevent corrosion is known as:


A) Galvanization

B) Anodizing

C) Electroplating

D) Case hardening

Answer: A

Question: Which type of welding uses a consumable electrode and a shielding gas?


A) TIG welding

B) MIG welding

C) Arc welding

D) Gas welding

Answer: B

Question: The tool used for measuring angles in metalwork is called a:


A) Vernier caliper

B) Micrometer

C) Protractor

D) Ruler

Answer: C

Section B: Theory Questions (Second Term)

Explain the purpose and process of case hardening in metalwork.


Discuss the applications and advantages of plasma cutting in metal fabrication.


Describe the steps involved in the process of metal plating.


What safety measures should be followed during gas welding, and why are they important?


Explain the concept of stress relieving in metalwork and its significance.

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