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List of Courses Offered in Sports University | NUC Approved

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Are you a sports enthusiast looking to pursue higher education while honing your athletic skills? Look no further than Sports University, Idumuje. Accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC), Sports University offers a wide range of courses across various faculties designed to cater to your academic and sports-related aspirations.

Sports University:

A Hub of Learning and Athletic Excellence

At Sports University, students are provided with a unique opportunity to combine their passion for sports with academic excellence. The university is committed to delivering top-notch education, aligning its courses with international standards to meet the evolving needs of today’s students.

Faculty of Health Sciences:

  1. Nursing Science (NSC): This program equips students with essential nursing skills and knowledge, preparing them for a fulfilling career in healthcare and patient care.
  2. Public Health (PBH): Students in this program learn about disease prevention, health promotion, and public health management, making them valuable contributors to community well-being.
  3. Physiotherapy (PYS): Aspiring physiotherapists learn how to assess, diagnose, and treat physical injuries and conditions, helping individuals recover and regain their mobility.

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences:

  1. Accounting (ACC): This course prepares students for the world of finance and accounting, providing a strong foundation in financial principles and practices.
  2. Business Administration (BDM): Students studying business administration acquire essential management skills, preparing them to lead and succeed in various organizational settings.
  3. Economics (ECO): Economics students delve into the study of economic systems, policies, and global market trends, enabling them to contribute to economic development.
  4. International Relations (ITR): This program focuses on global politics, diplomacy, and international cooperation, shaping students into knowledgeable experts in international affairs.
  5. Public Administration (PBA): Aspiring public administrators gain expertise in managing public resources and implementing government policies for the betterment of society.

Faculty of Sport Science:

  1. Sport Science and Technology (SST): Students explore the scientific aspects of sports, including biomechanics, physiology, and technology, enhancing their understanding of athletic performance.
  2. Sport Administration and Management (SAM): This program equips students with the skills needed to manage sports organizations, events, and athletes, ensuring the smooth functioning of the sports industry.
  3. Physical and Health Sciences (PHE): Students in this course learn about maintaining optimal physical health and fitness, a crucial aspect of any athlete’s career.

Compulsory Physical Sports/High Performance Training:

Sports University recognizes the significance of physical training and offers a comprehensive range of sports to cater to different interests and talents. These include American Football, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Swimming, Table Tennis, and many more.


Sports University, Idumuje, stands as a beacon of excellence in both academics and sports, providing students with an environment that nurtures their passion and talent.

With NUC-approved courses, state-of-the-art facilities, and dedicated faculty, Sports University is a dream destination for students seeking a holistic education that combines their love for sports and learning. Embark on this exciting journey of knowledge and sportsmanship at Sports University, and watch yourself excel in your chosen profession.

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