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List Of Art Courses Offered In Iree Polytechnic

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in art or design?

Look no further than Iree Polytechnic! This prestigious institution offers a wide range of art courses that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the art world.

Here is a comprehensive list of the art courses offered at Iree Polytechnic:

  1. Fine Arts: This program focuses on developing traditional artistic skills such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students will also learn about art history, theory, and criticism.
  2. Graphic Design: The graphic design program teaches students how to create visually appealing designs for various media platforms like print, web, and mobile applications. Students will learn about typography, color theory, and layout design.
  3. Industrial Design: This program emphasizes creating products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Students will learn about materials, manufacturing processes, and product design.
  4. Fashion Design: The fashion design program equips students with the skills to design and create clothing and accessories. Students will learn about fashion history, textile design, and garment construction.
  5. Ceramics: The ceramics program focuses on creating pottery and other ceramic art forms. Students will learn about different types of clay, glazes, and firing techniques.
  6. Textile Design: The textile design program teaches students how to create original designs for fabrics and other materials. Students will explore techniques like dyeing, printing, and weaving.
  7. Photography: The photography program trains students in using cameras and other equipment to capture captivating images. Students will learn about composition, lighting, and digital image editing.
  8. Sculpture: This program centers around creating three-dimensional art forms using various materials like stone, metal, and wood. Students will learn sculptural techniques, art history, and theory.
  9. Printmaking: The printmaking program teaches students different printing techniques such as relief printing, intaglio, and screen printing. Students will also study the history and theory of printmaking.
  10. Animation: The animation program focuses on creating animated films and other media. Students will learn about character design, storyboarding, and digital animation techniques.

Note: At Iree Polytechnic, you have the opportunity to explore your artistic passions and develop your skills under the guidance of experienced faculty. Whether you’re interested in traditional art forms or digital media, there’s a course for you. Join Iree Polytechnic and embark on a creative journey that will pave the way for a successful career in the art and design industry!

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