How To Get A BU Presidential Scholarship

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The BU Presidential Scholarship stands as a prestigious and coveted award for exceptional students worldwide. Geared towards incoming first-year students, this scholarship recognizes remarkable academic accomplishments, leadership potential, and a dedication to creating positive change. If you aspire to attend a top-tier university and are seeking a remarkable opportunity, the BU Presidential Scholarship is undoubtedly one to consider. In this blog post, we’ll outline the steps that can enhance your likelihood of clinching this esteemed scholarship.

Step 1: Meeting the Eligibility Requirements

The initial stride toward obtaining the BU Presidential Scholarship involves meeting specific eligibility criteria, which encompass the following:

  1. Be an international student
  2. Hold a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher
  3. Rank within the top 25% of your graduating class
  4. Showcase leadership involvement in extracurricular activities
  5. Submit an application essay and obtain letters of recommendation

Step 2: In-Depth Scholarship Research

After confirming your eligibility, it’s crucial to delve into thorough scholarship research. This entails carefully reviewing the scholarship guidelines, comprehending the selection criteria, and gaining insight into the university’s core values and mission.

Step 3: Crafting a Compelling Application Essay

The application essay constitutes a pivotal component of your submission. This is your platform to articulate to the scholarship committee why you’re an ideal candidate for BU and deserving of this scholarship. Key pointers for your essay include:

  1. Crafting a well-written, engaging, and personal narrative
  2. Ensuring a structured, error-free essay that captivates attention

Step 4: Acquiring Strong Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation hold significant weight in your application. Approach teachers, counselors, or mentors who are acquainted with your academic achievements, leadership potential, and character. Their endorsement can amplify your candidacy.

Step 5: Timely Application Submission

To be considered for the BU Presidential Scholarship, your application must be submitted by the December 1 deadline. Adhering to this timeline and meticulously following all instructions is essential.


Securing the BU Presidential Scholarship is a challenging yet profoundly rewarding journey. For driven and gifted students aspiring to join a top-tier university, this scholarship offers a remarkable avenue for achievement. As you contemplate your path forward, keep in mind the eligibility requirements, delve into comprehensive scholarship research, compose an impactful application essay, garner compelling letters of recommendation, and submit your application punctually. By following these steps, you can bolster your chances of attaining this remarkable scholarship opportunity.

FAQs about Scholarships in Nigeria:

Q1: What types of scholarships are available for Nigerian students?

A1: Nigerian students have access to various scholarship categories, including those offered by the government, corporations, foundations, and private institutions.

Q2: How can I locate scholarships for Nigerian students?

A2: Discovering scholarships in Nigeria can be accomplished through online searches, engaging with your college or university, seeking guidance from academic advisors, and attending scholarship fairs.

Q3: How can I enhance my odds of securing a scholarship?

A3: Elevate your chances of winning a scholarship by maintaining a strong academic record, showcasing leadership potential, crafting a well-structured scholarship essay, obtaining impactful letters of recommendation, and achieving high scores on standardized tests.

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