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Cut Off Mark For Gombe State University 2023

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Gombe State University (GSU) is a public university situated in Gombe, Nigeria. Established in 1992, it provides a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The admission requirements for various courses at GSU are determined by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

GSU Cut Off Mark for 2023

In the year 2023, the general cut off mark for most courses at GSU is set at 150. However, there are a few exceptions. Courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, and Law require a higher cut off mark of 200.

Checking Your GSU Cut Off Mark

To find out your GSU cut off mark, you have two options. You can visit the official university website, which will provide a comprehensive list of courses offered along with their respective cut off marks. Alternatively, you can access your cut off mark by logging into your JAMB profile.

FAQs About GSU Cut Off Mark

1. What is the cut off mark for GSU in 2023?

The cut off mark for GSU in 2023 is generally 150 for most courses. Yet, specific programs like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, and Law require a cut off mark of 200.

2. How can I check my GSU cut off mark?

You can easily check your GSU cut off mark by visiting the university’s official website or by logging into your JAMB profile.

3. What if I don’t meet the GSU cut off mark?

If your score falls short of the GSU cut off mark, there’s still hope. You might qualify for admission through the supplementary admission list. This list includes candidates who didn’t initially meet the cut off mark but now fulfill the requirement after the initial admission rounds.

Other Commonly Asked Questions About GSU

1. What are the admission requirements for GSU?

The specific admission requirements vary by program, but they are outlined by the university in their official admission guidelines.

2. What are the fees for GSU?

The tuition fees and other related costs can be obtained from the university’s official website or through direct communication with the admissions office.

3. What are the living costs in Gombe?

The cost of living in Gombe can vary based on individual preferences and lifestyles. It’s advisable to research local expenses before making any decisions.

4. What extracurricular activities are available at GSU?

GSU offers a range of extracurricular activities, which may include clubs, sports, cultural events, and student organizations. You can find more details on the university’s website or during campus visits.

5. What are the job prospects for GSU graduates?

Graduates from GSU can pursue various career paths depending on their chosen field of study. Job prospects can range from working in their specialized areas to entering the broader job market.

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