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School Fees For All Courses In Samuel Adegboyega University

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Samuel Adegboyega University (SAU) is a private university situated in Ogwa, Edo State, Nigeria. Since its establishment in 2005, SAU has been offering a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. One key aspect that students and their families often need to consider is the cost of tuition. In this article, we will break down the school fees for various courses at SAU and provide insights into the factors influencing these fees. Additionally, we’ll share tips for students looking to manage their educational expenses more effectively.

School Fees Based on Faculties

Let’s delve into the specifics of school fees for different faculties at Samuel Adegboyega University:

  1. Faculty of Arts
    • Tuition: ₦260,000
    • Accommodation: ₦80,000
    • Computer Certification Training: ₦30,000
    • Total: ₦411,000
  2. Faculty of Management & Social Sciences
    • Tuition: ₦424,000
    • Accommodation: ₦100,000
    • Computer Certification Training: ₦40,000
    • Total: ₦564,000
  3. Faculty of Sciences
    • Tuition: ₦454,000
    • Accommodation: ₦120,000
    • Computer Certification Training: ₦50,000
    • Total: ₦624,000
  4. Faculty of Law
    • Tuition: ₦691,500
    • Accommodation: ₦150,000
    • Computer Certification Training: ₦60,000
    • Total: ₦891,500

Factors Influencing School Fees

Several factors play a role in determining the tuition fees at SAU:

  1. Faculty and Level of Study: Different faculties and levels (undergraduate or postgraduate) have varying fee structures.
  2. Number of Units/Credits: The more units or credits a student takes, the higher the fees.
  3. Residency Status: Local and international students may have different fee rates.
  4. Financial Aid Eligibility: Students eligible for financial aid may receive reduced fees.

Money-Saving Tips

Students and their families can explore strategies to manage their educational expenses at SAU:

  1. Apply for Financial Aid: Seek out available scholarships, grants, and financial aid options.
  2. Manage Units/Credits: Taking fewer units per semester can help reduce overall costs.
  3. Consider Off-Campus Living: Living off-campus might be more cost-effective than university housing.
  4. Part-Time Work: Explore part-time job opportunities to earn money for tuition and other expenses.
  5. Hunt for Scholarships and Grants: Investigate opportunities for scholarships and grants that match your qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What are the deadlines for paying school fees at Samuel Adegboyega University?

A: Payment deadlines vary by semester. The Fall semester usually requires payment by September, while the Spring semester’s deadline is usually in January.

Q2: What payment methods does Samuel Adegboyega University accept?

A: The university accepts various payment methods, including cash, checks, bank transfers, and credit cards.

Q3: What happens if school fees are not paid on time?

A: Failure to pay fees on time can lead to consequences such as late fees, academic suspension, or even expulsion.

In conclusion

understanding the breakdown of school fees and the influencing factors can help students and their families make informed decisions about their education at Samuel Adegboyega University. By applying money-saving strategies and seeking financial aid opportunities, students can better manage the costs associated with pursuing higher education.

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