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Paul University Awka: List Of Courses And Requirements

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Nestled in the vibrant city of Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria, Paul University Awka stands as a distinguished private institution founded in 2004. It boasts a diverse array of undergraduate and graduate programs, all accredited by Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC) and recognized by the International Association of Universities (IAU). Let’s delve into the courses offered and the admission process, making education accessible and enriching.

Undergraduate Programs:

Paul University Awka opens doors to an exciting array of undergraduate programs, empowering students with knowledge and skills for a thriving future. Here are some of the popular courses that students can explore:

  1. Accounting: Learn the art of managing financial records and unlocking the world of commerce.
  2. Business Administration: Equip yourself with the tools needed to navigate the dynamic business landscape.
  3. Computer Science: Dive into the realm of technology and innovation, shaping the digital future.
  4. Economics: Understand the intricacies of economies and develop critical analytical skills.
  5. English Language: Immerse yourself in the richness of language, literature, and effective communication.
  6. History and International Relations: Explore the past and international dynamics, shaping global perspectives.
  7. Mathematics: Master the language of numbers and logic, fueling problem-solving capabilities.
  8. Microbiology: Uncover the unseen world of microorganisms and their impact on various fields.
  9. Nursing: Embark on a compassionate journey to provide vital healthcare services.
  10. Physics: Grasp the fundamental laws governing the universe and technological advancements.
  11. Political Science: Analyze political systems, policies, and global governance structures.
  12. Psychology: Delve into the human mind, behavior, and emotions, contributing to mental well-being.
  13. Sociology: Study societal patterns, behaviors, and dynamics to foster a deeper understanding.
  14. Tourism: Explore the art of travel and hospitality management, shaping the tourism industry.

Graduate Programs:

For those seeking to further their education, Paul University Awka offers a range of engaging graduate programs, enhancing expertise and opening new avenues. Some of the notable options include:

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA): Hone strategic thinking and leadership skills for the corporate world.
  2. Master of Science (M.Sc.) in various disciplines: Elevate your understanding and contribute to research in fields like Accounting, Computer Science, Economics, English Language, History and International Relations, Mathematics, Microbiology, Nursing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Admission Requirements:

Joining the Paul University Awka community is an exciting journey with specific admission requirements for each program. While criteria may vary, here’s a glimpse of the general requirements:

  1. Completed Application Form: Begin by filling out the university’s application form.
  2. Official Transcripts: Provide transcripts from your high school or college education.
  3. Standardized Test Scores: SAT or ACT scores showcase your academic readiness.
  4. Letters of Recommendation: Seek endorsements from educators or mentors who can vouch for your potential.
  5. Personal Statement: Express your aspirations, motivations, and goals through a well-crafted personal statement.
  6. Interview: Engage in an interview to highlight your enthusiasm and suitability for the chosen program.

Tuition and Fees:

Paul University Awka recognizes the value of quality education and offers competitive tuition rates. While costs may differ based on the selected program, the average tuition and fees for an undergraduate program are approximately N350,000 (around $875) per year.


Paul University Awka stands as a beacon of educational excellence in Awka, Nigeria. With a range of undergraduate and graduate programs spanning diverse fields, the institution provides students with opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute to their chosen fields. Accredited and recognized, Paul University Awka is a promising avenue for those seeking a well-rounded education in an inspiring environment.

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