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List of State Polytechnics Offering Accounting/Accountancy in Nigeria

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Accounting is undoubtedly one of the most competitive Social Science courses to study in Nigeria. However, only a select few State Polytechnics in the country are equipped to offer this program due to the stringent minimum requirements set by the National University Council (NUC).

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of State Polytechnics in Nigeria that offer Accounting, and also touch upon the availability of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as professional courses in Accounting.

List of State Polytechnics Offering Accounting in Nigeria:

  1. Abia State Polytechnic, Aba
  2. Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola
  3. Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Osurua
  4. Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro
  5. Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo
  6. Kano State Polytechnic, Kano
  7. Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin
  8. Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu
  9. Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia
  10. Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa
  11. Osun State Polytechnic, Iree
  12. Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin Ladi
  13. Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori
  14. Sokoto State Polytechnic, Sokoto

Academic Programs:

These State Polytechnics not only offer undergraduate programs in Accountancy but also provide opportunities for postgraduate studies in the field. Additionally, some of these institutions offer professional courses in Accounting, such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and ICAN (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria), which further enhance the knowledge and skills of aspiring accountants.

Please Note:

It is essential to verify the up-to-date list of polytechnics offering Accounting by checking with the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) or the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE). The educational landscape is continually evolving, and institutions may modify their offerings from time to time.


Choosing to study Accounting in Nigeria can open doors to a rewarding and competitive career. However, due to the rigorous standards set by the National University Council (NUC), only select State Polytechnics offer this program. We hope that the comprehensive list provided here will assist aspiring accounting students in making informed decisions about their educational journey.

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