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List Of Science Courses Offered In Oko Poly

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Oko Polytechnic, also known as Federal Polytechnic, Oko, is a prestigious higher education institution situated in Anambra State, Nigeria.

With a strong commitment to delivering excellent technical education, the institution has gained a reputation for its quality programs.

Today, we will delve into the diverse science courses offered at Oko Polytechnic, highlighting the exciting opportunities they present for students.

  1. Computer Science: The field of Computer Science at Oko Polytechnic focuses on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Students explore programming, algorithms, data structures, computer networking, security, and software engineering. This course equips graduates with the necessary expertise to excel in the dynamic world of computing.
  2. Science Laboratory Technology: Designed to cultivate practical skills, the Science Laboratory Technology program equips students with the knowledge required to work in scientific laboratories. Participants gain hands-on experience conducting experiments, analyzing data, and operating laboratory equipment. This course prepares students for careers in various scientific disciplines.
  3. Mathematics and Statistics: The Mathematics and Statistics program at Oko Polytechnic combines the study of both subjects. Students learn to employ mathematical and statistical tools to solve real-world problems. This course provides a strong foundation for careers in fields such as finance, data analysis, and research.
  4. Physics with Electronics: The Physics with Electronics course offers a blend of physics and electronics. Students explore the principles of physics and their applications in designing and developing electronic devices and systems. Graduates are equipped with the skills to contribute to the ever-evolving field of electronics.
  5. Environmental Biology: Focusing on the intricate relationship between living organisms and the environment, the Environmental Biology program prepares students to analyze and solve environmental challenges. Participants gain a deep understanding of ecological systems and develop the skills required to address pressing environmental issues.
  6. Chemistry: The Chemistry program at Oko Polytechnic delves into the properties and behavior of matter. Through practical experiments and data analysis, students learn to apply chemical principles to solve real-world problems. This course opens doors to careers in areas such as pharmaceuticals, research, and quality control.
  7. Agricultural Technology: The Agricultural Technology course centers on the study of agricultural production and management. Students acquire scientific techniques to enhance agricultural practices and maximize productivity. Graduates contribute to the advancement of sustainable agriculture, playing a vital role in food security and rural development.
  8. Food Technology: The Food Technology program focuses on the production, processing, and preservation of food. Students gain expertise in developing high-quality food products while adhering to safety and nutritional standards. This course prepares graduates for diverse roles in the food industry, including food processing, quality assurance, and product development.


Oko Polytechnic stands as a renowned institution that offers an impressive array of science courses.

Students enrolling in these programs benefit from a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Whether one’s interest lies in computing, laboratory technology, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, agriculture, or food technology, Oko Polytechnic provides a strong educational foundation.

With these programs, students are well-prepared for rewarding careers in their chosen scientific disciplines.

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