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List Of HND Courses In Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI)

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Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI) is one of the top polytechnics in Nigeria, offering a wide range of courses for students to pursue higher education.

One of their popular programs is the Higher National Diploma (HND), a two-year program that provides students with both practical and theoretical skills necessary for their chosen career paths.

Let’s take a closer look at the list of HND courses available at Federal Polytechnic, Idah, and what students can expect from each program.

  1. Financial Accounting: This program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required for a career in financial accounting. Students will learn about financial reporting, analysis, and management. This program prepares students to work in finance departments of various organizations.
  2. Management Accounting: The Management Accounting program teaches students how to analyze financial information and make strategic decisions based on that information. Students will learn about cost management, budgeting, and performance evaluation.
  3. Taxation: In the Taxation program, students learn about the principles and practices of taxation. They gain knowledge of tax laws, regulations, and procedures. This program prepares students for careers in tax consultancy and management.
  4. Cost Accounting: The Cost Accounting program focuses on providing students with skills in analyzing and controlling costs within an organization. Students will learn about cost classification, cost behavior, and cost-volume-profit analysis.
  5. Auditing and Assurance Services: This program trains students in the field of auditing and assurance. Students will learn about audit planning, internal controls, and audit procedures. The program prepares students for careers as auditors in public accounting firms or internal audit departments of organizations.
  6. Corporate Finance: The Corporate Finance program covers topics such as investment analysis, financial risk management, and capital budgeting. Students will gain skills in financial decision-making and learn how to evaluate investment opportunities.
  7. Business Law: The Business Law program introduces students to legal principles and concepts relevant to the business environment. Students will learn about contract law, company law, and commercial law. This program provides a foundation for students pursuing careers in business and law.
  8. Economics: The Economics program explores economic theories and principles. Students will learn about microeconomics, macroeconomics, and economic policy analysis. This program equips students with analytical skills to understand economic issues and make informed decisions.
  9. Business Administration and Management: The HND Business Administration and Management program prepares students for leadership positions in the business world. It covers various topics including organizational behavior, strategic management, human resource management, marketing management, financial management, operations management, business ethics, and entrepreneurship.
  10. Computer Science: The HND Computer Science program equips students with practical and theoretical skills needed in the field of computer science. Students will learn computer programming, data structures and algorithms, database management systems, computer networks, operating systems, computer architecture, web development, and mobile app development.
  11. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: The HND Electrical/Electronics Engineering program prepares students for careers in electrical and electronics engineering. Topics covered include circuit analysis, digital electronics, microprocessor systems, electrical power systems, control systems, telecommunications, instrumentation and measurement, and renewable energy systems.
  12. Civil Engineering: The HND Civil Engineering program equips students with skills and knowledge required for designing and building infrastructure projects. Topics covered include engineering drawing, strength of materials, soil mechanics, structural analysis and design, highway engineering, water resources engineering, construction technology and management, and environmental engineering.
  13. Mechanical Engineering: The HND Mechanical Engineering program prepares students for careers in mechanical engineering. Topics covered include engineering drawing, strength of materials, mechanics of machines, thermodynamics, manufacturing processes, fluid mechanics, control systems, and renewable energy systems.

Note: These HND courses at Federal Polytechnic, Idah provide students with a solid foundation in their chosen fields, combining practical skills and theoretical knowledge. Graduates of these programs are well-prepared to enter the workforce and contribute to their respective industries.

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