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List of Courses Offered in FUTA – Federal University of Technology, Akure

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of higher education? Look no further than the Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), which offers a wide array of fascinating courses and programs across various faculties and departments. Whether you’re interested in engineering, sciences, technology, or other fields, FUTA has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible options available:

  1. Agricultural Engineering: Delve into the world of modern agriculture, where technology meets farming to enhance food production.
  2. Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology: Learn about spreading agricultural knowledge and innovations to empower farmers and communities.
  3. Agriculture and Resource Economics: Explore the economic aspects of agriculture, ensuring sustainability and effective resource management.
  4. Animal Production and Health: Study the well-being and productivity of animals, contributing to improved livestock management.
  5. Applied Geology: Dive into the Earth’s structure and processes, investigating valuable resources and environmental phenomena.
  6. Applied Geophysics: Unveil the secrets of the Earth’s subsurface using geophysical techniques, vital for resource exploration and hazard assessment.
  7. Architecture: Foster your creativity and design skills to shape the buildings and spaces of the future.
  8. Biochemistry: Explore the intricate molecular world of living organisms, contributing to advancements in medicine and biotechnology.
  9. Biology: Uncover the wonders of life through the study of living organisms and their ecosystems.
  10. Biomedical Technology: Combine biology and technology to innovate healthcare solutions and medical devices.
  11. Biotechnology: Harness the power of biology for applications in medicine, agriculture, and more.
  12. Building: Learn the art and science of construction, playing a crucial role in shaping our built environment.
  13. Civil Engineering: Build and maintain infrastructure essential for modern society, from bridges to transportation systems.
  14. Computer Engineering: Dive into the realm of computer hardware and software, driving technological innovation.
  15. Computer Science: Explore the world of algorithms, programming, and technology, shaping the digital age.
  16. Crop, Soil, and Pest Management: Master sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring optimal crop production.
  17. Cyber Security: Safeguard digital systems and information from cyber threats, a critical skill in our interconnected world.
  18. Ecotourism & Wildlife Management: Contribute to conservation efforts while promoting sustainable tourism and wildlife preservation.
  19. Electrical/Electronics Engineering: Power the future with knowledge of electrical systems and electronic devices.
  20. Estate Management: Learn the ins and outs of property management, valuation, and real estate development.
  21. Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology: Explore aquatic ecosystems and contribute to responsible fisheries management.
  22. Food Science and Technology: Innovate in the realm of food production, processing, and safety.
  23. Forestry and Wood Technology: Study sustainable forest management and the utilization of wood resources.
  24. Human Anatomy: Delve into the intricacies of the human body, crucial for medical and healthcare fields.
  25. Industrial and Production Engineering: Optimize processes and systems for efficient production across industries.
  26. Industrial Chemistry: Apply chemical principles to manufacturing and product development.
  27. Industrial Design: Combine creativity and engineering to design products that enhance everyday life.
  28. Industrial Mathematics: Apply mathematical tools to solve real-world industrial challenges.
  29. Information and Communication Technology: Explore the fast-paced world of digital communication and technology.
  30. Information Systems: Learn to manage and utilize information effectively for organizational success.
  31. Information Technology: Master the technical aspects of information systems and computer technology.
  32. Marine Science and Technology: Dive into marine ecosystems, studying oceanography and marine resource management.
  33. Mathematics: Discover the beauty and applications of mathematical concepts in various fields.
  34. Mechanical Engineering: Design and create mechanical systems that power the modern world.
  35. Metallurgical and Material Engineering: Explore the properties and applications of materials in engineering.
  36. Meteorology: Understand weather and atmospheric phenomena, crucial for climate science and forecasting.
  37. Microbiology: Study microorganisms and their impacts on health, the environment, and industry.
  38. Mining Engineering: Learn about extracting valuable minerals from the Earth and ensuring sustainable resource use.
  39. Physics: Explore the fundamental laws of nature and their applications.
  40. Physiology: Delve into the functions of living organisms, essential for medical and biological research.
  41. Quantity Surveying: Master the art of cost estimation and project management in construction.
  42. Remote Sensing and Geosciences Information System: Utilize satellite data to analyze and manage Earth’s resources and environment.
  43. Software Engineering: Develop and create software solutions that drive modern technology.
  44. Statistics: Harness data analysis techniques to make informed decisions in various fields.
  45. Surveying and Geoinformatics: Explore spatial data and mapping technologies for land management and more.
  46. Urban and Regional Planning: Shape the future of cities and communities through thoughtful urban design.

For more information and details on admission processes, be sure to visit FUTA’s official website or refer to the JAMB Brochure. The Federal University of Technology, Akure, welcomes you to a world of educational excellence and exciting opportunities. Reach out to them at:

The Federal University of Technology Akure P.M.B. 704 Akure, Ondo State.

Embark on your academic journey at FUTA and pave the way for a bright future in your chosen field of study.

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