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List Of Art Courses In Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI)

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If you have a passion for art and are considering pursuing a tertiary education in this field, Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI) in Nigeria offers a diverse range of art courses.

These programs provide students with the necessary practical and theoretical skills to excel in their chosen artistic career.

In this blog post, we will explore the various art courses available at FPI and provide an overview of each program.

List of Art Courses at Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI):

  1. Fine Arts: The Fine Arts program at FPI focuses on developing students’ artistic abilities and creativity. It covers various disciplines, including painting, sculpture, drawing, and art history. Students learn different techniques, explore various mediums, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the history and evolution of art.
  2. Graphic Design: The Graphic Design course at FPI equips students with the skills necessary to create visual communication using digital tools. Students learn design principles, typography, image editing, and layout design. They also explore the application of graphic design in areas such as advertising, branding, and multimedia.
  3. Industrial Design: The Industrial Design program focuses on designing and developing products for everyday use. Students learn about materials, ergonomics, prototyping, and manufacturing processes. They acquire skills in product sketching, 3D modeling, and creating prototypes using modern design software and tools.
  4. Fashion Design and Textile Technology: This program combines fashion design and textile technology, giving students a comprehensive understanding of the fashion industry. They learn about garment construction, fashion illustration, pattern-making, and textile design. The curriculum emphasizes creativity, trend analysis, and market research.
  5. Ceramics and Sculpture: FPI offers a specialized program in ceramics and sculpture, where students learn the art of creating three-dimensional works using various materials such as clay, metal, and stone. They explore techniques like modeling, molding, carving, and glazing, and gain a deep understanding of sculptural aesthetics.
  6. Photography: The Photography course at FPI teaches students the fundamentals of photography, including camera operation, composition, lighting, and post-processing techniques. Students also delve into various genres of photography, such as portrait, landscape, documentary, and commercial photography.


Federal Polytechnic, Idah (FPI) offers a wide array of art courses to nurture and develop students’ artistic skills.

Whether you aspire to be a painter, graphic designer, industrial designer, fashion designer, sculptor, or photographer, FPI provides the necessary education and training to succeed in your chosen artistic field.

These programs combine practical training with theoretical knowledge, enabling students to explore their creativity and pursue rewarding careers in the art industry

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