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LASU Post UTME Past Questions And Answers

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Lagos State University (LASU), located in Lagos, Nigeria, is renowned for its esteemed reputation in the country’s higher education landscape. Aspiring students seeking admission to LASU must successfully navigate the competitive LASU Post UTME exam, a crucial step in the application process. This blog post aims to shed light on the exam’s significance, structure, and available resources for effective preparation.

Understanding the LASU Post UTME Exam:

The LASU Post UTME exam is a multiple-choice assessment that evaluates candidates’ proficiency in general knowledge, English language, mathematics, and reasoning ability. This test not only gauges your subject-specific knowledge but also your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

General Knowledge:

The first section of the exam covers essential general knowledge about Nigeria. Here are some sample questions from this category:

  1. What is Nigeria’s capital city?
  2. On which day did Nigeria gain independence?
  3. Can you name the current president of Nigeria?
  4. What language serves as Nigeria’s official language?
  5. Which city holds the distinction of being Nigeria’s largest?

English Language:

The English language section focuses on grammar and language concepts. Here are a few example questions:

  1. Differentiate between a noun and a verb.
  2. Explain the contrast between a singular and a plural noun.
  3. Elaborate on the distinction between past tense and present tense verbs.
  4. What sets a simple sentence apart from a compound sentence?
  5. Define the differences between direct and indirect objects.


The mathematics segment challenges your quantitative aptitude. Sample questions include:

  1. Calculate the sum of the first 100 natural numbers.
  2. Determine the product of the initial 10 natural numbers.
  3. Compute the factorial of the number 10.
  4. What is the square root of 16?
  5. Find the cube root of 27.

Reasoning Ability:

The reasoning ability category assesses your logical thinking. Here are some illustrative questions:

  1. If A equals B, then B equals?
  2. When A is greater than B, B is less than?
  3. If A is less than B, then B is?
  4. When A equals B plus 1, B equals?
  5. If A is the father of B, then B is the?

Preparation Resources:

Effective preparation is key to success in the LASU Post UTME exam. One invaluable resource is LASU Post UTME past questions and answers, which provide insight into the exam’s format and potential topics. These resources aid in comprehending the test’s nuances and enhancing your confidence.


Aspiring LASU students embark on a journey to secure a bright academic future. The LASU Post UTME exam is a critical milestone on this path, evaluating candidates’ knowledge, language proficiency, mathematical skills, and reasoning prowess. Armed with a deeper understanding of the exam’s structure and sample questions, applicants can take proactive steps toward comprehensive preparation. Utilizing LASU Post UTME past questions and answers as a study aid, candidates can stride confidently towards achieving their academic aspirations at Lagos State University.

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