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King David University Cut Off For Medicine And Surgery

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King David University of Medical Sciences (KDUMS) is a state-owned institution situated in Uburu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. Established in 2015, the university offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including medicine and surgery.

Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery:

For aspiring medical students, the cut off mark required to secure admission into the medicine and surgery program at KDUMS is set at 170. Achieving a score of 170 or higher in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a prerequisite for consideration.

Significance of the High Cut Off Mark:

The elevated cut off mark for medicine and surgery at KDUMS underscores the strong demand for this program. Medicine and surgery stand as one of the most sought-after courses in Nigeria, with numerous students aspiring to become doctors. The high cut off mark ensures that only the most proficient and capable candidates gain entry into the program.

Enhancing Admission Chances:

Individuals interested in pursuing medicine and surgery at KDUMS can take strategic steps to bolster their chances of admission. Prioritize achieving a high score on the UTME. Additionally, focus on excelling in key science subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. Engaging in extracurricular activities that highlight leadership and academic aptitude can also strengthen your application.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing in Nigeria:

  1. Cut Off Mark for Nursing: The cut off mark for nursing in Nigeria varies among universities, but a general guideline is a minimum of 170, similar to medicine and surgery.
  2. Requirements for Nursing Study: Aspiring nursing students must secure a minimum of five credits in O’level exams, including English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. A minimum UTME score of 170 is also necessary.
  3. Nursing Career Prospects: Nurses in Nigeria enjoy a wide array of career prospects. Opportunities span across hospitals, clinics, schools, and various healthcare settings. Furthermore, nursing professionals can explore roles in research, education, and management.


The King David University of Medical Sciences (KDUMS) sets a high cut off mark of 170 for its medicine and surgery program, reflecting the program’s popularity and demanding nature.

Aspiring students are encouraged to strive for excellence in academics, particularly in the key science subjects, and engage in activities that showcase their leadership and academic prowess. For those considering nursing, similar criteria apply, with nursing offering a diverse range of career opportunities within the Nigerian healthcare landscap

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