Jss2 First Term English Language Lesson Note and Scheme of Work

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Jss2 First Term English Language Lesson Note


Here’s an example of a JSS2 English lesson plan for the first term, covering weeks one to eight:


Week 1: Introduction to Narrative Writing




Discuss the elements of a narrative – characters, setting, plot.

Read a short story together and identify these elements.

Have students write a brief narrative incorporating the elements discussed.

Week 2: Parts of Speech – Nouns and Pronouns




Introduce nouns and pronouns with examples.

Engage in interactive exercises to identify and use nouns and pronouns.

Assign writing tasks incorporating nouns and pronouns.

Week 3: Reading Comprehension – Fiction




Select a fiction passage for students to read.

Discuss comprehension strategies – summarizing, identifying main ideas.

Conduct a class discussion on the chosen passage.

Week 4: Verbs and Tenses




Teach different verb forms and tenses.

Engage in exercises to practice using verbs in various tenses.

Assign a writing task emphasizing proper verb usage.

Week 5: Poetry Appreciation




Explore different types of poems – rhyming, free verse, etc.

Analyze a selected poem together.

Encourage students to write their own poem, focusing on creativity.

Week 6: Comprehension – Non-fiction Texts




Introduce non-fiction reading strategies.

Select an informative article for comprehension practice.

Discuss and analyze key points in the text.

Week 7: Adjectives and Adverbs




Teach the usage and difference between adjectives and adverbs.

Engage in interactive exercises for practice.

Incorporate adjectives and adverbs into creative writing tasks.

Week 8: Essay Writing – Descriptive Essays




Discuss the structure and elements of a descriptive essay.

Provide prompts for descriptive writing.

Review and offer constructive feedback on students’ essays.

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