Jss1 Third Term Music Past Questions And Answers

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Jss1 Third term music past questions and answers

Question: What is the name of the traditional Japanese three-stringed instrument?

A) Koto

B) Shamisen

C) Shakuhachi

D) Taiko

Answer: B) Shamisen

Question: Which famous composer is known for his “New World Symphony”?


A) Antonín Dvořák

B) Johannes Brahms

C) Richard Wagner

D) Gustav Mahler

Answer: A) Antonín Dvořák

Question: In music notation, what does a tie between two notes indicate?


A) Legato

B) Staccato

C) Slur

D) Fermata

Answer: A) Legato

Question: What is the term for a group of singers who perform together, often with multiple vocal parts?


A) Choir

B) A Capella

C) Ensemble

D) Quartet

Answer: A) Choir

Question: Who is considered the “Queen of Tejano music” and had a significant impact on Latin music?


A) Selena

B) Shakira

C) Gloria Estefan

D) Celia Cruz

Answer: A) Selena

Question: Which musical term indicates a gradual decrease in volume?


A) Fortissimo

B) Decrescendo

C) Crescendo

D) Pianissimo

Answer: B) Decrescendo

Question: In traditional Western music notation, what is the symbol for a whole note?


A) ♩

B) ♪

C) ♫

D) ♬

Answer: B) ♪

Question: Which jazz trumpeter was a key figure in the development of cool jazz and modal jazz?


A) Miles Davis

B) Louis Armstrong

C) Dizzy Gillespie

D) Chet Baker

Answer: A) Miles Davis

Question: What is the term for the rapid alternation between two adjacent notes?


A) Tremolo

B) Trill

C) Glissando

D) Portamento

Answer: B) Trill

Question: Who composed the famous opera “Carmen”?


A) Giuseppe Verdi

B) Georges Bizet

C) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

D) Richard Wagner

Answer: B) Georges Bizet

Question: In which decade did the genre of hip-hop music emerge?


A) 1960s

B) 1970s

C) 1980s

D) 1990s

Answer: C) 1980s

Question: Which instrument is often featured prominently in Irish traditional music?


A) Bagpipes

B) Fiddle

C) Accordion

D) Dulcimer

Answer: B) Fiddle

Question: What is the term for a gradual increase in tempo?


A) Accelerando

B) Ritardando

C) Adagio

D) Prestissimo

Answer: A) Accelerando

Question: Who is known for his revolutionary use of synthesizers and electronic music, often referred to as the “father of electronic music”?


A) Jean-Michel Jarre

B) Vangelis

C) Kraftwerk

D) Brian Eno

Answer: A) Jean-Michel Jarre

Question: What is the term for a rapid, repeating musical figure or pattern?


A) Ostinato

B) Crescendo

C) Legato

D) Arpeggio

Answer: A) Ostinato

Question: Which rock band is known for their concept album “The Dark Side of the Moon”?


A) The Rolling Stones

B) The Who

C) Pink Floyd

D) Led Zeppelin

Answer: C) Pink Floyd

Question: What is the primary function of the conductor in an orchestra?


A) Play a solo instrument

B) Lead the choir

C) Direct the tempo and dynamics of the ensemble

D) Compose new music

Answer: C) Direct the tempo and dynamics of the ensemble

Question: Who is known for blending traditional Indian music with electronic music, creating a genre known as “tabla-tronics”?


A) Ravi Shankar

B) Anoushka Shankar

C) Talvin Singh

D) Zakir Hussain

Answer: C) Talvin Singh

Question: In music theory, what is the term for a chord consisting of three notes played simultaneously?


A) Diad

B) Triad

C) Quadrad

D) Pentad

Answer: B) Triad

Question: Who is known as the “Godfather of Soul” and had a significant influ

ence on funk and R&B music?


A) Ray Charles

B) James Brown

C) Otis Redding

D) Marvin Gaye

Answer: B) James Brown

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