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Igbinedion University School Fees For Engineering Students

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Igbinedion University, located in Okada, Edo State, Nigeria, is a reputable private institution founded in 1999 by Gabriel Igbinedion, a prominent Nigerian businessman and politician. Offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the university’s engineering curriculum stands out as a promising pathway for aspiring engineers. Let’s delve into the details of this program, including admission requirements, fees, accommodation, meals, job prospects, and financial aid options.

Admission Requirements:

For those aspiring to join Igbinedion University’s engineering program, the requirements differ based on the study level. For 100-level students, you need:

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent
  • A minimum of five credits in mathematics and science
  • A minimum of five credits in English and social studies

For 200-500 level students, the prerequisites include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering from a recognized university
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0

Tuition and Fees:

The university’s tuition fees for engineering students vary depending on the study level. For 100-300 level students, the annual tuition is N610,000. The same applies to 400-500 level students. It’s important to note that beyond tuition, students should budget for accommodation, meals, textbooks, laboratory fees, and medical insurance.


Igbinedion University offers on-campus accommodation options. Students can choose from various dormitories, including single rooms, double rooms, and suites. The accommodation cost varies depending on the room type and study level.


The university provides on-campus dining facilities, with dining halls offering different meal choices. Students can eat in the cafeteria or have meals delivered to their dorm rooms. The meal expenses vary based on the type of meal and study level.

Job Prospects:

Engineering graduates from Igbinedion University have excellent job prospects. With Nigeria’s economy experiencing rapid growth, there is a high demand for skilled engineers in various industries. Employers highly value graduates from Igbinedion’s engineering program, leading to many successful engineering careers.

Application Process:

To apply for Igbinedion University’s engineering program, submit an application form, official transcripts, and letters of recommendation. Prospective students are also required to take the university’s entrance examination. The application deadline usually falls in December.

Financial Aid Options:

Igbinedion University offers a range of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Students seeking more information about financial aid opportunities should contact the university’s financial aid office.


Pursuing engineering studies at Igbinedion University can be a rewarding journey. With affordable tuition fees, on-campus accommodation, and a thriving job market, the university presents a valuable opportunity for aspiring engineers. Stay connected with the admissions office to learn more about this promising educational pathway.

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