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Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit-Eligibility, How to & Denials.

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Here we present to you-Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit-Eligibility, How to & Denials for people from different countries of the world who really want to relocate to Canada so as to live and work over there.

Introduction on Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence

One of the best thing that comes to each of our minds at the mention of Canada is the fact that it’s actually a job creation country or region which welcomes peoples from different part of the world to come and live and work while earning good incomes for their skills and that is the major reason why we brought Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit to you all.

Canada is no doubt the most immigrant friendly in the world as thousands of immigrants are allowed to migrate there yearly, Canada also plans to admit over a million immigrants by 2022. One of the easiest ways to come to Canada is by obtaining a job offer to Canada.

As a job seeker, you must have the needed skill to fill up the vacant sit in the Canadian labour market. Before you immigrate you must acquire your visa as well as other vital documents including a valid passport.

General Overview on Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence

Canada presents you with a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) if it is confirmed that you are eligible and admissible to enter Canada. Everyone who is coming to Canada to work for the first time is issued a temporary visa, which means your stay in Canada is for a short period.

A temporary resident in contrast with a permanent resident has limited rights and privileges. A temporary resident holder cannot work or study in Canada without first obtaining a temporary work permit.

Among others, a temporary resident will not be allowed to move in and out of Canada freely except in cases where the candidate has a multiple entry temporary visas. And must have due authorization to remain in Canada at the expiration of the authorized period you were granted.

The case is different if you are applying to extend your stay and your application is being delayed. In which case, you will be allowed to remain in Canada pending the time a decision on your application is taken.

Who is Eligible to Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit

This is indeed a nice question to ask yourself Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit when you have made up your mind to relocate to Canada and we are going to answer it right away for you; just ensure to read line to line.

All candidates migrating to Canada must be admissible to enter Canada. If you are inadmissible, you may not be granted entry to Canada. In some cases, when you are granted entry as an inadmissible candidate, you will not be allowed to work, study and you won’t ever qualify for Canada’s permanent residence.

Candidates must have sound health and be in good health condition to be eligible. In some cases, you may be required to also have health insurance.

Candidates must have adequate funds to take care of themselves in Canada for at least a year before you get a job. Provide all the required documents needed for your trip and pay all the charges.

How to Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit

To migrate to Canada as a skilled worker on a temporary resident basis, you must obtain a job offer. Although some of the visa categories may not require a job offer. Get a letter of a job offer from a Canadian employer. And then proceed to obtain all other needed documents. Create an Express Entry profile to qualify for a Canadian Provincial nomination.

When you are nominated, you can then submit your application to any Canada immigration Centre close to you. You can also submit your application online along with all the required documents.

These Reasons Could Deny You Entry Into Canada!

The reasons which we are going to discuss here could deny you entry to Canada and that is why they have to be taken very serious so as not to fall for the failure.

Canada is one of the few countries with flexible immigration policies, however, all requirements must be satisfied, hence the need for proper attention when filling the application, because a minor mistake could deny you entry into Canada.

Having your application is not the end of the road, with the help of immigration/experts, you can appeal your case by preparing the right paperwork to prove your case.

You could be denied entry into Canada due to many reasons which could range from minor to major offenses, and the following could deny you entry.


If you have been convicted of any crime punishable under Canadian laws regardless of where the crime is committed, or you have a pending criminal lawsuit, your application to enter Canada would be denied. This is a proactive step by the Canadian government to protect its citizens by ensuring criminals or immigrants who might pose a security threat are denied entry into Canada.

DUI/DWI which could be considered a minor offense elsewhere is a major criminal offense in Canada.

Health Status

If you are a carrier of a contagious disease or if your health is failing and would strain the social service and healthcare systems, your entry into Canada would be denied.
This is a proactive step by the Canadian government to keep its citizens safe.


Is an offense of giving an incorrect account or information and Canadians extol honesty and they are generally known for their politeness, misrepresentation could be seen as an intent to cheat and the Canadian immigration officials take this offense very seriously.

Although most misrepresentations are honest mistakes, it is advisable to pay close attention while filling your application to avoid misrepresentation.

Financial Grounds

One major requirement of traveling to Canada either alone or with your family is financial independence. Not satisfying this requirement could deny your entry into Canada.

Your Inability to cater for yourself and your family financially would cause a strain on tax-payers money, a scenario the immigration officials are trying to avoid.

Ensure your health status is great and would not pose any threat before you deciding your trip to Canada.


If you are proven to have ties to radical or terrorist groups, your entry into Canada would be denied and your chances of re-entry would be non-existent in the future.

What to Do after Your Entry to Canada is Denied

You still stand a chance of entering Canada despite being denied entry, with the help of an immigration professional/expert who would appeal your case to prove to the immigration officials that your visit is of greater importance than any associated threat.

However, depending on the reason you were denied entry, there is recourse to aid your application and with a little luck, you could be allowed entry into Canada.

If the reason you were denied entry is because of your inability to meet the financial obligations, it is important to appeal or reapply when you are certain of satisfying the requirement.

If you were denied entry based on criminal grounds, it is necessary to apply for criminal rehabilitation. Successful completion of a criminal rehabilitation will imbue confidence in the immigration officials that you are unlikely to re-offend, and the initial criminal records that prevented you from entering Canada will be cleared.

If you were refused entry on health grounds, your appeal must prove to the immigration officials that your visit does not pose any direct danger and would not cause a strain on the healthcare and social services.

Regardless of the reason you were denied entry into Canada, with a piece of compelling evidence via appeal and the help of an immigration expert, you may be allowed to enter Canada. If your circumstance is justified by the immigration official you could be issued a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP).


As long as you really want to relocate and as well as live and work in Canada either permanent or temporary, I can assure you that all these information for Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit which we have provided here are all valuable and should be taken serious.

Finally, which means that you are to adhere to all the steps and procedures for Apply for Canada’s Temporary Residence Permit in order to get it right so as not to be denied entry to Canada.

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