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American University Of Nigeria Accommodation Fees, Other Fees

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Are you considering pursuing higher education at the American University of Nigeria (AUN) in Yola? This well-regarded private university offers a wide array of programs, attracting students from all corners of the world. To help you make an informed decision about attending AUN, let’s delve into the key aspects of tuition, accommodation, and the financial aid options available.

Accommodation Fees

AUN understands that a comfortable living environment is crucial for your academic journey. They provide various housing options such as dormitories, apartments, and townhouses, tailored to your preferences and needs. The costs for accommodations differ based on the type of housing and the number of residents.

For instance, if you opt for a single room in a dormitory, the cost per semester is N390,000. If you prefer a two-bedroom apartment for two students, the fee is N600,000. A three-bedroom townhouse, ideal for three students, carries a semester cost of N900,000.

Students who choose to live off-campus may qualify for a housing allowance, determined by factors like income and family size.

Other Fees

While tuition and housing fees are the primary considerations, AUN students are also responsible for several other fees to enhance their campus experience. These additional fees include:

  • Technology fee: N42,000 per semester
  • Sports fee: N30,000 per semester
  • Student activity fee: N36,000 per semester
  • Health insurance fee: N18,000 per semester
  • eBook fee: N54,000 per semester
  • Engineering lab fee (for engineering students only): N60,000 per semester

Financial Aid Opportunities

AUN strives to make quality education accessible by offering various financial aid options. These options include:

1. Scholarships:

AUN provides scholarships based on factors such as academic excellence, financial need, and other criteria.

2. Grants:

Grants are financial awards that students don’t need to repay. AUN offers grants to students based on their financial circumstances.

3. Loans:

Loans are funds that must be repaid with interest. AUN facilitates different loan options, including federal and private student loans.

4. Work-Study Programs:

AUN’s work-study programs enable students to earn money while studying, helping to cover educational expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about AUN’s accommodations, fees, and financial aid, here are some answers:

1. What housing options does AUN offer?

AUN provides a variety of housing options, including dormitories, apartments, and townhouses. The cost varies based on housing type and occupancy.

2. What other fees are students responsible for at AUN?

Apart from tuition and housing, students need to cover fees like technology, sports, student activities, health insurance, eBooks, and engineering labs.

3. What financial aid options are available at AUN?

AUN offers scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs to support students’ education costs.

4. How can I apply for financial aid at AUN?

For information about available financial aid types and the application process, visit AUN’s financial aid website.

Education is an investment in your future, and AUN aims to make that investment more manageable through various financial aid avenues. As you embark on your academic journey, be sure to explore these options to ensure that your time at AUN is both enriching and financially feasible.

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